Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sketchbook Skool - homeworks

I have been working more with ball point pen and coloured pencils. I used to avoid these two these two mediums as I thought that they would be difficult to use but they are not. Like anything, once you understand how something works or reacts then you can control it better.

I was inspired to use coloured pencils in Sketchbook Skool. My thoughts so far are when you are in a group with other students you will get inspired  and learning together is so much fun! You get to know new people with the same interests and the class sorts feeds off of itself having this great energy but there isn't that much in the lessons at all!!  The class had a rocky start but it made a come back due to technical problems which caused some of the teachers to be absent for a while. There are far too many students, the teachers can't really keep up  and I feel sorry for them! I feel sorry for the students, too! I feel sorry for everybody!  Maybe in the second semester things will be more organized but I won't be forking out to find out as finances won't permit me to, either.
There are 3 more teachers to go so I am hoping that they will change my mind.
 I think that the time has come for me to stop  online painting and drawing classes but not because I know it all! Far from it. I like the idea of simply learning my own way by practising lots and lots in order to be better . There are so many free tutorials out there and the only way that you'll get good at something is through daily practice. There are other reasons that I won't go into but let me just say that there will ALWAYS be those who mix these two words : inspire and take.

Facebook is great for learning from others in groups! You will find many who are willing to share their experiences and give advice freely so I've decided to stick with this kind of learning as it feeds me soul.

coloured pencils

coloured pencils and pen



first portrait in pen


  1. Great paintings. Love your Frida paintings as well.

  2. Very informative post Palma. Have tried free courses, some OK and some totally bizarre...........for example they want you to dance and chant before you start painting......nope not for me, neither a dancer or chanter Totally agree with you about the Facebook groups, lots of inspiration there. Will stop now and tell you I love all your work here today. Hugs Annette x

  3. I've been surprised by colored pencils myself, although I prefer watercolor pencils.


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