Monday, 14 April 2014

Red ripe tomatoes drawing with Recipe

I decided to make a page for 'They and cook'. It took me a few hours to edit my drawing to make a recipe and quite a few spelling errors on the way!  I find it really tiring using editing programs and I make silly mistakes but  oh well!

This is a collection of my sketches put together in a recipe. The directions are simple: Whisk all of the ingredients except the tomatoes until creamy and use as a dip or pour over the sliced tomatoes. The recipe is for a small quantity:

This was done yesterday using coloured pencils.
Specifically I use Polychromos pencils by Faber-castell, which are oil based and blend well as well as being highly pigmented.  I have also tried blending these with linseed oil but be careful if using skecthing paper as the oil will stain and seep through to the rear of the page. Not very nice if you're working in a journals and intend to use both sides of the pages.


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