Monday, 28 April 2014

Book Page Art - Speak your mind

More pages from my re purposed book. I was kind of agitated ,yesterday so i took it out on my journal page! What was agitating me?  Oh, well, the fact that I often write what I think  but in a tactful way yet, some people just want to hush everything away because it's not good for business. Pfff!

Who is this man? Well it's Mr. Crowley! I have no idea why he popped into my head but he has a very intense and interesting face to draw. An unpleasant and devious man with a flair for being over-dramatic but not one to be silenced.

For Julia Kay's Portrait Party on the left. Biro over paint

This is FB Lisa, who wants a Bulldog for her 50th birthday!


  1. I think your repurposed book is just fabulous!

  2. Love your portrait sketches! They look great! Repurposing books for art is always good fun :)

  3. Your work is so good! Your portraits, especially the self portraits are breathtaking. I've started drawing mine and am incorporating words and quotes after seeing your art. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Love these. Thanks for sharing.


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