Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Lion - watercolour

Sometimes I surprise myself!  I wasn't really looking forward to doing a lion drawing because I am not really good at doing animals but I was there, in bed looking for a good photo to draw from in a travel brochure.
The sketch was loose with just a few lines. Nothing special. I started adding watercolours and  it was like the lion was coming alive!  I wanted to finish painting my page but in came the other half who was tired, grumpy and wanted to sleep so I stopped. I even got a red, stain on my white bed sheets with trying to put my stuff away in a hurry :(
 I managed to finish it in the morning when the house was still asleep. I am glad that I did wait until the next day or I may have rushed it and made a mess.

I am pleased with how it came out. I used a brush pen ,too. I have never used one for a whole painting before.



  1. He's beautiful! I think the shading and highlights are similar for all faces.


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