Saturday, 2 February 2013

Etsy Shop sale and classwork

Yes, I am having a sale in my Etsy Shop!

You can get 35% off ALL items by using this CODE at the check out:


My Etsy

Although it's now February the offer is still valid.
Hopefully, I will make enough to buy myself a pro box of soft pastels that I have always wanted instead of the Pans!

This exercise was to create a portrait but to NOT do any blending! I found that pretty challenging. I decided to use oil pastels for this because soft pastels are so easily smudged and spraying them changes the colour completely. I have decided to stop using a fixative on soft pastels.

The next exercise was to create a drawing and include all or some of 100 things that you like

I used pen, Inktense pencils and Pan pastels.
I was pretty disappointed when  two of my brand new sponges supplied with Pans, just crumbled as soon as I used them! Had to through them out as they made a mess of my blending which you can see on her dress. It's very uneven.

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  1. You really are so very talented, I love seeing what you make. Michelle x This is fab!


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