Sunday, 13 January 2013

Back to Raw Sketching

I'd forgotten how much fun this is and how you can create loads of different textures and how correct shading REALLY does make all of the difference to your work AND all I am using is a couple of graphite pencils and paper. It is so freeing not having to pull out all of the paints,brushes and water jars for once.

Cuddled up in front of the fire whilst the house is sleeping I, enjoy doing these daily  sketches:

When I try to do a realistic face I usually  takes ages and encounter many problems mainly the over use of hard lines.  I decided that i would change my method on this one and started with shading around the eyes without any guidelines or hard lines to mark the shape of the eyes. I continued to work this way with the other features and found it much easier. I am very pleased with this one.

The Interesting thing about the bald lady is that whilst I was shading the background other faces started to appear to my surprise so I just went with it.  I have noticed that I am seeing more faces and figures in most things that I observe. It's getting more frequent that usual.

 Ah! The human body!  Something that I always avoid but must continue to do in order to get used to the proportions. It was drawn from a male anatomy figure  but it looked more asexual to me (If you ignore the man bits!), so I like the idea of turning him into an Archangel.


  1. your figure drawing (and his bits) are fab... lol

    i love that you went 'with it' and just drew what you saw. i'm like you and see faces every where on the page.. is see faces in clouds, and in the dark and it's crazy isn't it??

    much love to you,

  2. the 3 different looks

  3. Very cool, and a good reminder.


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