Sunday, 11 March 2012

HOME and Sunday Photography

After hearing about Alisa Burke's Free online inspirational class last week,FINDING YOUR MUSE I decided  to take some photographs around our home.  It's a beautiful,sunny,spring like day.
We should really be out and about but my little one has caught the stomach flu. Nasty thing, so we wandered outside in the sun taking a few shots. I usually do this anyway when the Spring begins to wake up.

This was taken last year on a trip a villa in Tivoli

Since nature has given us this BEAUTIFUL place to live, sustains us and has suffered our maltreatment of her for too long, I am posting this documentary from 2009 that I only watched ,yesterday. PLEASE watch it when you can.  For one, the scenography is amazing and the message is quite clear. We know this already but we NEED frequent reminding and we cannot forget or be indifferent for long. This film really woke me up.
HOME, was made by a non profit organization. Narrated by Glen Close

"We all have the power to change"


  1. The love shack and bench both really speak to me.

  2. Beautiful Photography very inspiring.

    I have a surprise for you on my blog.


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