Monday, 14 April 2014

Red ripe tomatoes drawing with Recipe

I decided to make a page for 'They and cook'. It took me a few hours to edit my drawing to make a recipe and quite a few spelling errors on the way!  I find it really tiring using editing programs and I make silly mistakes but  oh well!

This is a collection of my sketches put together in a recipe. The directions are simple: Whisk all of the ingredients except the tomatoes until creamy and use as a dip or pour over the sliced tomatoes. The recipe is for a small quantity:

This was done yesterday using coloured pencils.
Specifically I use Polychromos pencils by Faber-castell, which are oil based and blend well as well as being highly pigmented.  I have also tried blending these with linseed oil but be careful if using skecthing paper as the oil will stain and seep through to the rear of the page. Not very nice if you're working in a journals and intend to use both sides of the pages.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sketchbook FUN!

Sketchbook fun!

I thought I'd share what i have been doing in my sketchbook or art journals.

Since discovering that watercolours are not as difficult as I perceived them to be they opened up a whole new art adventure in my life.  I love working in the traditional and  simple way that some of the old masters did in their sketchbooks. I feel like a I have come 'home' and I feel FREE!  Simple tools and material are my friends and I have temporary stored away all my tubes of acrylics, bristle brushes, rubber stamps, acrylic medium , stencil etc and I am loving it! All that 'junk'  that you think that you need to buy in order to do 'art journaling' and mixed media.
I will admit to even buying a Gelli plate and enjoyed it for a few days but I have never used it since. I guess all the hype and overkill of Gelli plate designs and  multi colours isn't my thing anymore or I just got sick of seeing it everywhere.
Anyway, my current sketches are probably plain and boring compared to those but they are a recording of my memories, things that surround me and the development of my skills in order to become the artist that I would like to be.
I joined Sketchbook Skool , which is an online class which is really more about getting you inspired to keep a sketchbook rather than teaching you how to draw. There are 6  international teachers and you get one lesson  from each of them. Thousands have joined and I personally feel that there are too many students because it's difficult to keep up and impossible to read every comment which could contain valuable advise but it's there to inspire and it has inspired me to re try things like working in pen and coloured pencils.

This is another spread from my Plants & Herbs themed journal.
First lesson with Danny Gregory is to draw directly in pen and NO pencil! Scary. Here I used only a Ball point pen.
I bought new markers and was experimenting with my Pitt pens.

Lesson is to draw your week. On this evening i was watching a documentary on the crime channel.

I painted the flowers in my garden using gauche and ink.

Second week lesson: to use coloured pencils and I drew this very expensive mango that i bought last week. It was delicious but a rare treat.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday iphoneography!

I thought that I 'd share some photos that I created using Iphone applications.
I always find different  ways to be creative which keeps the flow going for me. I don't know what I'd do without my smart phone and it's applications! The funny thing is that I hardly use it to call anyone!



My beloved MaimeriBlu watercolour palette

practising tomatoes

Saturday, 22 March 2014

My page got FEATURED on Stillman & Birn

I am over the moon that my page got featured on Stillman and Birn's Facebook page!  Wow! I am really honoured. THANK YOU!

I have started another 7 x 7 Stillman and Birn journal from the Zeta series, and I am doing recipes. I don't particularly enjoy cooking anymore but once in a while I get adventurous! 
I tried my hand at creating a digital recipe using my paintings from different journal pages. It was a steep learning curve and it's not perfect but it is kinda cool! I was inspired by the site 'They Cook ,They Draw':

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Herbs ,plants and flowers Journal

I have been working on my first themed journal. I really enjoy learning about plant and herb lore,too and this is a great way to remember all those interesting and helpful bits of information.

I used a Stillman & Birn, 7" X 10" journal from the Zeta series, using MaimeriBlu watercolours. It really helps to have quality material and it makes journaling much more enjoyable.

These are a few pages from my book:

Sunday, 5 January 2014


I made my first flag book!

It's for a swap and the theme is Roses and Chocolates, but for some reason I did hearts? Oh Well! The colour rose is in there ;)

It seems like ages since I used scrap booking paper and my die cutting machine!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Beach combing jewellery and rock painting.

From September's holiday at the coast I made these jewellery pieces from out beach finds.

At first I collected the pieces just because they were pretty and had no intention of being creative with them except to place them around the home in bowls.

I was inspired to try my hand at stone or pebble painting and I remembered that we had picked up a few flat stones that would be good for this. I found some. odd pieces of what looked like bone or ceramic. It smelled of burnt bone when I drilled into it. I have no idea what it was but it became this:

The second piece was a combination of wire work using copper and found stones. The little round ones that resemble pills are resin  but the rest are beautiful, turquoise and green coloured stones.  I remember getting soaked in the waves trying to grab these!  A lot thought and hours went into making this.

Here are some of my painted stones :

Design Cullan Hudson